Carbon Fiber Door Car Chassis


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2 in stock


  • Ultra light weight carbon fiber construction
  • Threaded mount holes for weights
  • Tight tolerance manufacturing results in a chassis that can be built without a jig


1x chassis base, 2x front body mount, 2x front wheel mount, 2x rear body mount, 1x motor mount, 1x left motor side, 1x right motor side

Chassis specs

Minimum wheelbase: 3.875″

Maximum wheelbase: 5″

Chassis weight: Approx 11.4g

Assembly: Assemble using glue. Carbon/rubber reinforced CA glue is recommended. Standard CA glue also works.

Prep: All parts should be washed with mild soap and water to insure proper bonding. Surfaces to be bonded may be lightly sanded to facilitate even better results